Minimum age:
Piercings may be placed when the customer is at least 18 years old, but minors can come to us for a piercing as long as he/she has the minimum age of 15 and consent of both parents. The parents are requested to guide the minor to the shop, when this is not possible, the consent can also be given by bringing a copy of the ID cards of both parents, both front and back side. When we doubt the information, the parents can be called.

All piercings can be placed by us, as well as intimate piercings. The standard piercings like facial, earrings or belly piercings are 50 euros. The material, the piercing itself and a chosen jewellery is included in the price. All of our jewellery is made of titanium or surgical steel to avoid allergic reactions. The intimate piercings, neckpiercings and industrials are 75 euro. Replacement during the first two weeks (like tongue or lip), is not included.

Cure and care:
After piercing the customer will be asked to take good care and fallow the steps given. Depending on the piercing and to avoid misunderstanding, everything is explained thoroughly at the moment itself. If anything is unclear, despite the instructions, you are welcome to visit us again or to give us a call.