Minimum age:
Laser treatmentĀ is only done when the customer is at least 18 years old, with a minor exception. If he/she is 17 years old then a small tattoo in a discrete place can be placed, with the consent of both parents. The necessary forms are available in the shop.

Why laser treatment:
Body tattoos are often works of art. Yet many people regret some placed tattoos. The reason for this are very diverse, for example a reminder of a previous love. For those who are not longer satisfied with the design, or the tattoo is not placed like you wished, it is possible to partially remove the tattoo (soften) and place another tattoo later on the same spot. We want to assist the removal process, during the sometimes lengthy session, in a professional and medically responsible manner. The device used is able to remove tattoos of any type (all colours) without scars.

During laser treatment:
Before starting with the tattoo removal, we go through an extensive interview. We would like to inform you about to possible duration, pain, risk, cost & treatment. We will try to provide an answer to all your questions and concerns. In this way I want to avoid unpleasant surprises during the period. The length of a treatment sessions depends on the size of the surface to lase. You are required to wear protective laser glasses during the sessions.

The price per session depends on the size of the area. To get a fixed price, you will have to visit our shop, an arrangement can be made.

Cure and care:
After the laser session redness can occur along with mild swelling. During these days blisters or crusting can be formed. It is very important not to scratch as scar tissue can form. If you wish, you can always use Flamigel or Flamazine to soothe the itching. Contact with sunlight should be avoided during the first two weeks, after that period, we recommend using a high level sun protection. If you have any questions or have any doubts, you are free to contact us by phone or visit our shop.